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I ordered from Giavinos Pizza in Queensbury NY.I called in for a delivery.

After about 40 min I get a call from the driver being VERY rude stating "he knocked on my door and no one answered so he got sick of waiting in the rain and he left" (WE HAVE A PORCH! & HE DIDNT USE THE DOORBELL) I asked him why he didn't call and he said "F**K you to me" I asked him if he is going to bring my food back and he said "No i just wanted to know where the house is" He argued and tried saying my house was not where I was because the windows on the address he had were boarded up which is not true, and 3 people were sitting in my living room waiting for the food. Then we called the store after he hung up on me and the guy was there and started arguing with my boyfriend and he said "calm down dude its not a big deal" and he then told my boyfriend to suck his d**k. We then hung up on him and HE CALLED ME BACK flipping out and swearing at ME!

i've never felt so degraded in my life.

I would NEVER order from this place again and I do not recommend it to anyone.Their food sucks, and clearly their service is just as bad!

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